How does a recycling business make money

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asked Jul 27, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by allenlu (320 points)

The main consideration for being successful in recycling is finding your feedstock and securing a reliable market for the recyclable once you've prepared it for market. This is very difficult unless you find yourself within a semi-funded or fully funded system. Take beverage containers for example; usually state run and mandated, licensed etc. and participants play by the rules and make themselves a handling fee or commission for collecting and recycling. tyre shredding machine price I call this a closed system because just the annoited get to play and only then once they've met the crtieria for joining. In an open system you mainly have scrap dealers taking in metals and selling to large processors that deal in re-claimed metals which they process and re-manufacture into saleable metals made to order such as steel beams, plate, pipe, copper ingots etc. This industry is very competetive but profitable providing one can secure the feedstock. To give you an example, when a large ship is de-commissioned the ship is put up for bidding and then salvage companies cut it up and sell the metals - very specialized, but money can be made.

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