How Can You Trowel The Concrete With Perfection

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How Can You Trowel The Concrete With Perfection? Read to find out so that you can apply it while troweling the concrete.


This presumes you’ve already used a float many times across the newly-poured surface to bring more concrete paste and sand to the top of the pour.


You’ll have to let it set up a while until it gets more firm like Jello. You can tell it’s hard enough when you can lay a 2′ x 3′ piece of plywood on top of it and kneel on the plywood without sinking the board. This can be longer depending on the temperature, the amount of water in the mix you started with, and if shadows are crossing the surface.


When it’s gotten firm enough to rest on, you’ll be using your trowel to smooth the surface. You can do this by hand with an individual one or, as others have suggested, do it with a concrete trowel. It depends on the size of the surface. Regardless, you want to use the biggest steel trowel you can handle. It’ll make smoothing and leveling easier.


You’ll keep troweling until the surface is smooth and no fissures show in the concrete. Work from the farthest point to your exit point in a semi-circular or a figure-8 motion. You’re finished when you don’t see the swirl marks on the surface. Make sure to wear covid gear and protect yourself and your loved ones.

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