Liposonix Slimming Machine

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asked Jul 20, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_FuMiZR1l (120 points)

* Clinically proven to be safe and effective with over 15 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters published.

* Complete treatment protocol in just 4 weeks-3 treatments at two-week intervals.

* Over 96% of patients experienced a measurable reduction and 94% of patients were satisfied with their results.

* Over 300000 treatments performed worldwide No bruising, swelling or downtime.

* Comfortable, "walk-in, walk-out" 45 minute procedure.

* Unique business model ensuring an exceptional ROI.


1. body thinner, skin tightening.

2. Fat reduction.

3. Body slimming, body shaping

4. To promote and accelerate the body s metabolism.

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