Coal Briquetting Machine

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Introduction of Coal Briquetting Machine
 Coal briquetting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment which can be used for converting anthracite, bituminous coal, coal sludge, coking coal, brown coal etc into briquettes through high pressure rollers extrusion forming. Such as coal in Mongolia, coal in Australia, coal in Indonesia, coal in Russia, coal in India, coal in Philippines. Through the coal briquetting machine, above coal dust can be compressed into briquettes for further use. The coal briquettes can be made with elliptical shape, oval shape, egg shape, pillow shape, square shape etc, also can be designed based on customers' demand. Zhengke Coal briquetting machine has features of high pressure, high briquetting ratio, stable performance, energy saving & environmental protection. The final briquettes are with high strength, can not be broken easily during transportation or burning. Coal briquetting machine not only can make full use of coal recourses, but also save a lot of energy consumption and economic cost, it is a favorable energy conservation and environmental protection equipment.
 The coal briquetting machine is with very extensive application fields. The coal briquettes can be used in generating power, making gas, smelting metal, firing lime, civil burning, heating and burning in boiler, metal smelting etc fields; it is widely used in coal industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry and other industries. For example, the power plant can use the coal briquetting machine to make reclaimed coal powder or slag into briquettes; these coal briquettes can be used as boiler fuel or used for heating. In addition, in many countries such as China, India, a great deal of enterprises carries out coal gas generation, through gas generator, let coal briquettes produce gas, this method can maximum utilize coal sources. The coal briquettes also can be used for civil heating, burning in boiler, metal smelting, firing lime etc. This project is a good project of energy conservation & environmental protection and resources recycle, encouraged by the country and the policy. Enterprise internal using can save more cost and create huge economic benefits. Zhengke Coal briquetting machine had exported to USA, Australia, Ireland, Israel, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Russia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Mongolia etc. all the briquetting machines are with normal operation, enjoyed good reputation from customers.Features of Zhengke Coal Briquetting Machine
 1. High pressure and high briquetting efficiency
 Coal briquetting machine can make a variety of coal powder into shaping through high-pressure extrusion. Coal briquetting machine is specially designed with four rollers that can enlarge equipment pressure and improve briquette making efficiency. Hydraulic system can be alternative if required.
 2. Reliable quality and High safety
 Coal Briquetting machine making from our company has passed ISO9001, CE, GOST, CU-TR, and obtained more than 15 patented products certification. Coal briquetting machine had exported to the United States, Australia, Russia, Ireland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, Israel, Indonesia, the Philippines, Oman and other countries. The coal Briquetting machine our product has won a good reputation from our customers.
 All of drive parts of coal briquetting machine such as drive shaft, gear, electric motor, belt pulley etc. are adopted enclosed or semi-enclosed design in strict accordance with the equipment safety standards, and it is outfitted with an observation table and hole on this machine, thereby ensuring equipment safety and personal safety.
 3. Easy installation and simple transportation
 The coal briquetting machine is designed with high strength steel plate as its support, enabling it to be directly used on hard flat area without foundation, there is no vibration during working, in addition, it is easy for users to transfer and transport this equipment.
 4. Wide application and low requirement for working environment
 The coal briquetting machine is suitable for use in all countries around the world. According to different conditions of every country, it can be reasonable adjusted for normal use, such as voltage, engineering design requirements, geographical conditions etc.
 Additionally, coal briquetting machine can be normally used in all kinds of severe environment, such as extremely cold weather, high temperature, plateau etc.
 5. Few employing, simple operation and easy maintenance
 The coal briquetting machine can be designed with semi-automatic and full automatic based on customer's requirements. In daily use, you only need to do regular maintenance according to the maintenance instruction.
 6. Energy conservation & environmental protectionCoal briquetting machine is mainly used to press powdery coal and dust to regular shaped briquettes for further usage, reducing dust pollution and improving resource utilization ratio. Meanwhile, briquetting machine is adopted special design in mechanical structure and power control; it can run in low power, it is a favorable energy conservation and environmental protection equipment. The coal briquetting machine produced by Zhengke is adopted enclosed structure design, during briquetting; there is less pollution and noise.Main Technical Parameter of Coal Briquetting MachineModelRoll ?diameter(mm)Capacity(t/h)Power(kw)Briquettes
 ? shape and sizeZKBM2902901-35.5Defined ?by usersZKBM3603604-611-15ZKBM4304306-818.5ZKBM5005007-1218.5-55ZKBM65065010-1537-45ZKBM75075015-2075-110ZKBM85085020-2590-110ZKBM1000100025-3090-132Note: Due to the difference of each customer's materials and briquettes' size, production capacity and configuration of briquetting machine will also be changed .At the same time; we also can configure hydraulic system according to customer demand. You can send email or calling us, inform us your material details; we will make the best solution for you according to your demand .Thank you for your support!Coal Briquetting Machine Process Flow Chart

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