Biomass Rotary Dryer

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Brief introduction of Biomass rotary dryerBiomass rotary dryer is a continuously working equipment to process a large number of biomass type materials. Moisture content of biomass type material after drying could reach 10% below (moisture content is adjustable by the control system). Due to the reliable performance, high operation flexibility, wide application, high handling capacity, Biomass rotary dryer has a good drying effect for biomass type materials, such as wood chips, sawdust, corn stalk, straw, palm fiber residue, oil palm fibre, EFB fibre, coco peat etc. It is widely used in building materials, chemical materials, grain, coal industry, etc. Materials that are dried by wood chips dryer are convenient to transport. Wood chips dryer is an energy-saving and environment-protecting equipment that not only improves the utilization of materials, but also creates a good economic benefit and social benefit.Biomass rotary dryer has been used widely both in China and other countries. For example, American Michigan Technological University use it to dry wood chips, Malaysia client use it to dry palm fiber residue. Biomass rotary dryer produced by us has been sold to many countries, such as Australia, America, Malaysia, India, Philippines, South Africa, Brazil, etc. Now our drying equipments are running normally, clients speak highly of wood chips dryer.Biomass rotary dryer manufactured by Zhengke has passed the inspection of Henan Quality Supervision Bureau, ISO9001 international quality management system certification, Europe CE certificate standard, Russian GOST certificate etc. Meanwhile, we had applied many patents of wood chips dryer to State Patent Office and were well-known in drying equipment industry.Features of Zhengke Biomass dryer1. High drying efficiency, good drying effect. Biomass rotary dryer is a continuously working drying equipment, used "feeding at one end and discharging at the other" method for drying materials. Due to high moisture content, high stickiness of wood chips, sawdust, we make special design of inside structure, wood chips dryer has high drying efficiency. We could control and adjust the final moisture content to client request.2. Energy-saving, environment-protecting, no pollution, no noise. Zhengke Biomass dryer could dry wood chips, sawdust and biomass, then reuse them. This improves the resource utilization and reduces dust pollution. Due to the special design of mechanical structure and electricity control, wood chips dryer works at a low power. Also, wood chips dryer is equipped with multistage dust collecting equipment to meet the national standard of environment protection. Reduce the environmental pollution from equipment; it is a kind of good energy conservation and environmental protection equipment. It would reduce the environment pollution and save energy. Our wood chips dryer adopts enclosed structure, no air pollution and noise pollution will be happened during drying process.3. Wide application range, low request for the working environment. Zhengke biomass dryer is applicable for every country in the world. We could make some adjustment according the different situation in different countries, such as voltage, engineering design requirement, geographical conditions, etc. As to the working environment, Zhengke biomass dryer could work normally in severe cold, high temperature, plateau, etc.4. Simple installation. Wood chips dryer could work directly on horizontal hardened site. In the running, no vibration happens. It is also convenient to transfer and transport the equipment.5.Few workers, simple operation, easy maintenance. To client request, Zhengke could provide semi-automation and total automation production line. Only regular maintenance to the instruction is needed. It is very convenient to maintain.6.High safety. The transmission parts all adopt enclosed or semi-enclosed design to the equipment standard of security, such as transmission shaft, motor, belt pulley, etc. This ensures the safety of equipment and workers.Technical parameter of Biomass rotary dryer?Working principle of Biomass rotary dryerBiomass rotary dryer is placed at inclination 3-5°. Wood chips, sawdust, palm fibre, oil palm fibre, EFB fibre, coco peat etc. are sent to the inlet by feeding device, then spiral feeders push materials into the drum from feeding end to discharge end. Hot air will be drawn into the drum by draft fan and exchange heat with materials constantly. As the drum rotates, materials are lifted and scattered by lifting boards repeatedly under gravity, and move toward the lower end. As wood chips move forward, they gets heat directly and indirectly from heating medium. Thus, wood chips get dried and discharged at the outlet. On the inner of cylinder, lifting boards are equipped to lift materials and scatter them. This would spread the contact surface to improve drying rate and promote materials to move forward. On the feeding end, movable grate could break big lumps to increase heating area, shorten drying time, and improve drying efficiency. On the inner wall of drum, movable steel chain would beat the drum repeatedly to prevent sticky material stick on the wall. Heating medium could be hot air, flue gas, etc. Usually, a cyclone collector would collect the dust that heating medium entrains. If you want to reduce dust content further, a bag house or wet scrubber may be needed.Main structure and process flow chart of biomass rotary dryer1、Furnace;1-1、Gas Stove;2、Materials;3、Feeding Conveyor;4、Inlet;5、Feeding Cover;6、Roller Ring;7、Carrier Roller;8、Drum;9、Transmission;10、Gear Ring;11、Roller Ring;12、Carrier Roller;13、Discharge Cover;14、Dust Collector;15、Chimney;16、Induced Draft Fan;17、Motor;18、Outlet;19、Discharging ConveyorModelGradient(%)Diameter ? ?(mm)Length  ? ? ?(mm)Speed(r/min)Rotary Power(kw)Capacity(t/h)Weigh(t)ZKRD-06063-560060003-830.5-1.52.9ZKRD-06083-560080003-840.6-1.23.1ZKRD-08083-580080003-840.8-2.03.5ZKRD-08103-5100080003-840.8-2.55.6ZKRD-10103-51000100003-85.51.0-3.56.7ZKRD-10123-51000120003-85.51.5-3.57.2ZKRD-12083-5120080003-87.52-48.8ZKRD-12103-51200100003-87.51.8-59.8ZKRD-12123-51200120003-8112-610.5ZKRD15123-51500120002-6153.5-913.5ZKRD-15143-51500140002-6154-1115.4ZKRD-18123-51800120002-618.55-1218.9ZKRD-18143-51800140002-618.55-1523.2ZKRD-18203-51800200002-6228-2026.1ZKRD-20183-52000180002-6308-2336.5ZKRD-20203-52000200002-63710-2438.8ZKRD-22183-52200180001.5-63710-2542.3ZKRD-22203-52200200001.5-63712-2845.2ZKRD-24203-52400200001.5-54518-3050.7ZKRD-28203-52800200001.5-55520-3560.4ZKRD-28243-52800240001.5-57525-3570.4ZKRD-30203-53000200001.5-57525-4078.2ZKRD-30253-53000250001.5-57530-45104.9Note: ?Above technical parameters are for reference,can be separately designed according to customer's actual situation.

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