Semi Automatic Sliding Door Closer

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asked Jul 5, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_IBvzHnCZ (460 points)
The track is installed at the height of DH+23mm from the ground(based on the bottom of the track)

drill holes in aluminum track

fix one end of aluminum track,checkthe level by gradienter,the fix another end of track

fix the track on to the wall or steel struture firmly

then check the level again ,the fix the aluminum track to steel structure or wall firmly.

Caution´╝Ü Cut the track at the this length L=W=10mm, inside doorpost dimensions is W. 1.the track must be level. 2.The height of movable door leaf is DH. 3.The clearance height over the track should be more than 50mm. 4.Street should be fix inside to the wall or steel structure,in order to avoid the operating problem.

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