Rocket League Trading Octane and Dominus Decals two plans

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asked Jun 23, 2021 in Electron Microscopy by xingwang (10,120 points)

for 1,000 Credits. It will consolidate Huntress-propelled Rocket League Trading Octane and Dominus Decals, two plans of painted Kaskade Wheels (Orange and Cobalt), and Kaskade's latest hit Miles.

 To Go as a Player Anthem.All of these new things might be open for a confined time frame outline, anyway Psyonix is similarly adding a dash of extra substance.

 to notice Kaskade's return. Kaskade's other Player Anthems, Flip Rocket League Item Prices Reset, Solid Ground, and Closer, will be open again for one day simply on March 29. 

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