Being able to OSRS Fire Cape do boss jobs is op ?

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asked Jun 23, 2021 in Electron Microscopy by Wuyahong (1,660 points)

Being able to OSRS Fire Cape do boss jobs is op. Runescape is balanced around jobs. This is fundamentally free slayer xp and incentive harm for activities that people already do (bossing off job ). From now on people will only do supervisors. It's possible to state certain jobs would balance to be infrequent, but what is super ordinary? No matter what there will probably be bosses which are common to be assigned and it will produce the boss more easy to acquire high kc in. Then there will probably be issues with overcrowding (there is indeed this could make it even worse). Unless they decreased the slayer xp given drastically then and eliminated the ability to use slayer helmet on those tasks it would be straight making Runescape easier. They said themselves that these are and that it was shelved by them. Sorry but not sorry you wont be receiving your upgrade that is easyscape.

Not true with appropriate weighting which is what they have been planning on doing. It's already incredibly easy to get a Kalphite or Sire job yet we have no problem discovering open worlds for people do we? It doesn't make it any easier than it already is. Especially considering they were planning on weighting the hard to acquire boss jobs low it would be quite like Duradel handing out a Graardor or even Zily task(~1/500). People who want the slayer helm to never operate on a slayer boss master are dented for certain.

You are so full of shit because they did not state they shelved it due to dented minds like you not listening to the Q&A or even knowing how to Buy RS3 Gold read the blog posts. You started frothing at the mouths without even thinking they understood what they talked about. Mod Arcane said on the Q&A that they can easily create the rarer boss tasks a minimal weight so that it doesn't ruin their rarity, which makes the slayer helm bonus never ovepowered.

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