Dyes Intermediate Sodium-1-Naphthylamine-4-Sulfonate

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Synonyms:Sodium Naphthionate

Molecular     weight245.23

Molecular FormulaC10H8O3NSNa


1-Amino-4-naphthalene sulfonic acid sodium salt is     a greyish-white crystal.The sodium salt of industrial products contains two     or four crystal water. It changes slowly into a rose colour in air.It is     easily soluble in water and soluble in 95% of alcohol.Its chief use is     employed in organic pigments or the sythesis of intermediates of azo-dyes


Appearance: Grayish white crystal

Purity %min.: 74

Naphthylamine%max.: 0.02

Water insolubles %max: 0.2

Packingextra grade Specification In plastic woven bag of     50kgs nett or 25kgs nett each with plastic lining

NotesPut in dark,cold and air through place to prevent     sun light.

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