Food Vacuum Sealer

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asked Jun 18, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_xV5pxmKZ (240 points)

1. External Vacuum Capable

2. Prevent Wines From Oxidizing

3. Dry Food Vac-Seal Supported

4. Moist Food Vac-Seal Supported

5. For Professional Cooking

6. Vacuum Sealing Made Easy

7. One-Touch To Lock In Freshness

8. We Make Food Vacuum Fun

9. Luminous LED Ring

10. Exquisite Design

11. Universal Vacuum Bags Compatible Works with vacuum bags, containers, canisters and bottle stopper toadd more food-saving options effortlessly.

12.Magnetic Drip Tray Design: Slide-out drip tray catches overflow liquids and is removable for easy cleaning.

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