Tungsten Syringe Shield window

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asked Jun 17, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_xV5pJlpn (520 points)
Tungsten Syringe Shield window

Tungsten Syringe Shield window reduces hand exposure from syringes containing 511 keV radionuclides. The barrel of the shield is constructed of .34" thick tungsten that attenuates FDG F-18 by 88%.

Tungsten Syringe Shield window accommodate the standard sized 1 cc to 12 cc syringes.

2 mm thick Tungsten shielding

5.05 density lead glass window


Fits most disposable syringes

Unobstructed visibility to tip of syringe

Easily sanitized with alcohol wipes



phone:86-18137338517 http://www.jxrayshield.com

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