Tungsten alloy Shielded Pot

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Tungsten alloy Shielded Pot

Tungsten alloy Shielded Pot is a kind of container used to store and transport radioactive materials. It has good radiation absorption capacity, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and also is non-toxic and environmental. It is mainly used to absorb the rays of the radioactive injection for medical use, radioactive drugs. The shielding pot also is the shielding of radioactive materials such as geological exploration.

Tungsten alloy Shielded Pot could be applied on medical shielding and nuclear shielding. Tungsten shielding products provides high-density tungsten based products. We can manufacture parts based on your drawings. Tungsten is very difficult to machine which makes our experience working with tungsten important and enables us to be a reliable partner for your tungsten needs.

Email: tzalloymetal@gmail.com
Phone:86-18137338517 http://www.jxrayshield.com

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