Tungsten Copper Round Bar

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Tungsten Copper Round Bar

Tungsten copper Round Bar is an alloy composed of tungsten and copper, and the copper content in common alloys is 10% ~ 50%.

W90 tungsten copper bar is composed of 90% W and 10% Cu, its density is up to 16.75g/cm3, hardness reaches more than HB260, the bending strength is 1160MPa, the conductivity is 27%IACS and the softening temperature is more than 900℃.

Tungsten copper round Bar is a composite material refined with the plasticity and high conductivity of high-purity tungsten powder and high-purity copper powder. It is refined by static pressure forming, high temperature sintering, copper infiltration and other processes. Good arc breaking performance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion rate, high temperature, no softening, high strength, high density, and high hardness. Enter the translation page。

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