Shielded Doors

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Shielded Doors
Shielded Doors Protective door series: Our factory can make protective door according to the needs of users, there are electric flat open, push-pull door, manual flat open, push-pull door, all the protective doors are made of pure lead plate, to ensure that the test qualified. 0.5mmPb 1mmPb 2mmPb 3mmPb.

Automatic sliding linear accelerator screen doors Automatic sliding neutron screen doors produce automatic sliding radiation screen doors (neutron screen doors) for use in linear accelerator rooms that require the highest radiation protection. Our neutron screen doors have different door surface materials. SUS304 steel plate, galvanized steel plate, lead-lined door set, lead plate and boric acid polyethylene plate in the range of thickness according to power.


· Dental Surgeries

  · OPG/CBCT Rooms

· Operating Theatres

· Diagnostic Imaging (X-ray, CT Scan rooms)

  · PET Facilities
· Laboratories

· Veterinary Clinics

· After sales service

  · After receive the goods, We hope to get your feedback at first time.
· We could provide installation guide, if you need, we could give you global service.

· Our Sales are 24-hours online for your request.

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