Segment Launching Gantry

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asked May 29, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_iNZcA1pY (440 points)
The pre-stressed bridge prefabricated section is assembled by the spanning process. The principle is to divide the upper structure of the bridge into several standard sections. After the prefabrication of the prefabricated site is completed, the special equipment such as Segment Launching Gantry is assembled on the site. The blocks are assembled while pre-stressing is applied to make the overall structure and propelled step by step in a predetermined installation direction.

Segment Launching Gantry construction method has the advantages:

a) Little impact on traffic and environment during construction;

b) The section is light in weight, small in size and convenient to transport; the assembly speed is fast;

c) Factory system, quality is easy to control;

d) The shrinkage and creep of concrete after installation and bridge can be greatly reduced;

e) Suitable external prestressing can reduce beam section size and improve material use efficiency;

f) The geometry is properly controlled to greatly enhance the aesthetics of the structure.

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