Beauty Breast Machines Equipments

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asked May 26, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_iDwM1CZz (340 points)
If you are looking for best high quality CE certification and newest fashion beauty breast machines equipments from professional beauty breast machines equipments, breast care machines, breast enlargement machines, breast vacuum massage machine, bosom care equipment instuments, beauty chest machines equipments, breast breastfeeding testing instruments manufacturer and factory, please feel free to contact breast machinesproduct name: breast instrumentbeauty breast equipmentsA.Working PrincipleVacuum and bipolar RF and biological micro-current and infrared rayB.Applications1.breast enlargement;2.lifting breast;3.Promote breast regrowth ;4.dredging breast duct blockage;5.promoting and accelerating breast's metabolism;6.focused infrared ray can check breast disease;7.remove wrinkles,lifting & tightening skin;8.clear heat and dispel dampness;9.therapy face;C.Technical Specifications1.3pcs handles;2.material:metal & AL with coating,Germany original hose;3.Net Weight:16kgs;4.working voltage : AC220V+10%/-20%;5.working frequency: 50-60Hz;6.MAX powder: 200VA ; beauty equipmentsskin care machinestherapy equipmentbeauty facilitymedical devicesmedical instrumentssmall beauty deviceportable beauty equipmentportable beauty machinesmall beauty equipmentsmall beauty machinebeauty device home

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