Activated alumina desiccant

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XR101 Activated alumina desiccant has high adsorption. It works as a desiccant through adsorption, so as air passes through the Activated Alumina beads, the water in the air sticks to it and becomes trapped, enabling the air that passes through the Activated Alumina filter to become dried out. Even if immersed in a liquid, it will not fall apart or soften.

Activated Alumina is extremely effective for drying gases and is very stable physically and chemically, even in high temperatures and corrosive environments. It is most frequently used for compressed air dryers, because of its cost effectiveness in relation to the other types of desiccant. With its high surface area, high moisture capacity, and high crush strength, it can easily withstand the saturated conditions that are found within an air compressor.


●High Mechanical strength

●activated aluminas have very high resistance to attrition and crushing. This is a result of our severe production process.

●The low attrition

●The low attrition and high crushing strength are well adapted to their applications.

●Big surface area

The optimized high porosity of activated alumina gives a high specific surface and a large adsorption capacity per unit weight. Even when saturated with water, activated alumina looks and feels dry. Moreover, it is chemically inert toward most liquids and gases. Its excellent resistance to fouling by olefin polymerization permits its wide use in the treatment of petrochemicals. The porosity of our activated alumina is distributed under carefully controlled procedures during manufacture to enable straightforward and mild operating conditions for both drying and regeneration. Xiangrun is the good choice of activated alumina factory.

Activated alumina Use

Used for deep drying of gas or liquid phase of petrochemicals, air separation adsorption and adsorption drying by automatic instruments

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