HTW760 Series Linear Actuators

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asked May 17, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_iE1L2Z6u (280 points)
GeMinG's HTW760 series linear actuators are designed for heavy-duty applications developed in harsh environments where there is a need for high lifting capacity and retention.
General Features:1.Voltage of motor:12V DC,24V DC,36V DC,110V DC;2.Optional:brushless motor, built-in drive;3.Maximum load:16,000N(Push),16,000N(Pull);4.Maximum No-load speed:138mm/s;5.Full-load Speed:5mm/s;6.Stroke:50~1000mm;7.Minimum dimensions:Stroke+200mm,Stroke+250mm(S>400mm);8.Color:black;9.IP rating:IP69K;10.Operational temperature range:-45°C~+75°C;11.Hinger ducty cycle(25%);12.Built-Limit Switch(not adjustable);13.External Limit Switch(adjustable);14.Screw selection:Trapezoidal Screw, ball Screw;15.High-strength N steel housing protects motors and gears;16.Other options:Hall sensor, Potentionmeter,External reed sitch can be adjusted freely;17.Control options:external control,built-in control,synchronous control,Hall control

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