Yoga Wheel Backbend

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asked May 12, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Wp25bpzb (860 points)
The strongest yoga wheel on the market: able to withstand 550 pounds! This reliable yoga wheel set is durable! They will not bend, unlike the cheaper competitor products, which have similar strength and can help you complete all movements and postures with ease, safety and much-needed support.

Extreme comfort: The yoga wheel backbend surpasses similar products in quality and thickness. It is the thickest pad currently available, which can cushion your palms, feet and back during exercise, providing extraordinary comfort.

Anti-sweat: Because of its excellent filling and no moisture accumulation, you can use the yoga wheel backbend  in the most demanding yoga classes! Due to its anti-sweat resistance, your yoga wheel kit will not retain the sweaty smell of those musk.

Feature of yoga wheel backbend

Improve muscle and spine flexibility Enhance balance, core and back strength Stretch and release tension: shoulders, chest, hips and back Reduce back and shoulder pain Challenge the master's posture faster Good for sequential poses Achieve and perfect advanced back bending and handstand

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