Corrugated Cardboard/Corrugated Carton Auto Stacker Machine

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asked Apr 27, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_vSRJBeJk (140 points)
1.The maximum paper collecting length:3.5m、The maximum paper stacking height:1.8m;
2.The conveyance device is divided into four sections; the first section is equipped with a strip pressing mechanism which makes the inputcard boards be stacked in order.There is a paper ejecting rod between the first and second conveyor belts.Each section is driven by an AC frequency conversion motor, runs synchronously with the production line,and generates proper paper stacking ratio in conveyance according to paper length so that the paper sheets are stacked in order;
3.The machine can be connected&communicate with the production management system to read order information and order change-over signal,so the separation is accurate and rapid for diferent orders;the machine can also operate in a stand-alone manner.

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