1500W Laser Welding Machine

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asked Apr 26, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_o5VakzAy (180 points)
Application: Laser welding machine application: railings of stairs and elevator , shelves, oven, stainless steel guardrail, electrical box, stainless steel home supplies, kitchen ware, electrical energy, furniture, car manufacturer, tool& machinery, military, ship industries etc.

welding material and thickness:

stainless steel: 0.3mm—3mm
mild steel:     0.3mm—2.5mm
aluminum:      0.8mm—1.5mm
brass:      0.8mm—1.5mm https://www.qingyuan-lasers.com/laser-cleaning-machine/1500w-laser-welding-machine.html

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