Semi Coke Small Size

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asked Apr 21, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_oT78FTaq (380 points)
Origin:?China Port: Tianjin portHS Code:?27040000Transport Package:Bulk/Jumbo Bag?Payment Terms: L/C T/T D/P PaypalHigh fixed carbon (85% min.) Low ash (9% max.)Low Phosphorus (0.02% max.) Low Sulfur (0.4%max.)high specific resistancehigh chemical activityHigh conductivity to lower the electric powerReduce pollutionCarbon Content:?High-CarbonManufacturing Method:?Physical Method of Activated CarbonAppearance:?Pellet Specification:?6-18mmActive Carbon Material:?Wooden Activated CarbonPore Diameter:?MicroporousUsage:?Chemical Industry, Electric Power Industry?Semi Coke or Blue-Coke as a kind of new carbon material, with the characteristics of high fixed carbon, high resistivity, high chemical activity,low ash, low aluminum, low sulfur, low phosphorus, has gradually replaced the metallurgical coke and widely used in theproduction of calcium carbide, iron alloy,ferrosilicon, silicon carbide products,etc.It has? became an irreplaceable carbon materials.The main characteristics of semicoke are: clean, smokeless, good quality, high efficiency. It can be used for indoor heat preservation, home cooking, fireplace, small boiler and agricultural production of dry industry.SPECIFICATIONparameterfigureFixed carbon80-82%volatile8-10%ash8-10%sulfur0.2-0.4%moisture10-18%the particle size6-18 mm??

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