Tencel anti-mite waterproof fitted sheet

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● Luxurious soft and super comfortable: Tencel anti-mite waterproof fitted sheet are super soft and smooth (its yarn 500 times thinner than cotton), breathable, and more durable than the highest quality cotton. This hotel-level bedding series will bring a luxurious experience to your bedroom and give you a comfortable and happy sleep.

● Perfect and comfortable fit:100% Tencel anti-mite waterproof fitted sheet with 16-inch deep pocket are made of high-quality tear-resistant elastic stitching, which helps to perfectly fit mattresses with a thickness of 9 to 16 inches.

● Fabric advantages: This fitted sheet fabric is made of luxurious eucalyptus, which is a fast-growing evergreen tree that is known to be beneficial to health. The natural benefits of this fabric help people enjoy a happy sleep.

● Cool fabric: Tencel sheets are known for their sweat absorption and cooling properties. This temperature-balanced fitted sheet keeps you cool and moisture-free in summer and warm and comfortable in winter.

● Easy to care and maintain: This rayon fabric organic Tencel sheet set requires low maintenance and easy care. We use high-quality rayon fabrics to make bed sheets, and do not use any dyes that fade over time, so the bright color of the bed sheets can be maintained even after long-term use. Do not use cream or bleach to clean the sheets as they may fade.

● Affordable customer care, easy to wash: machine wash in cold water, dry at low temperature. Dry the paper and avoid bleaching or other chemicals. If you encounter any problems during the entire product life cycle, just leave us a message, and we will provide you with a free replacement service without any questions. https://www.sleepycare.com/waterproof-mattress-protector/tencel-anti-mite-waterproof-fitted-sheet.html

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