Cotton waterproof fitted sheet

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asked Apr 19, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_sRloYD0Y (1,900 points)
● Material and weaving: 100% pure cotton is purchased directly from farmers to make this cotton insulation breathable waterproof fitted sheet. This Cotton waterproof fitted sheet is made of high technology weave, which brings refreshing and cool characteristics. This is a good help for those people who hate sleeping in hot weather!

● High quality assurance: the original ecological 100% certified cotton is converted into yarn, the yarn is converted into fabric, and then converted into the final product bed fitted sheet.We have a professional QC team to fully control the entire process. We have a five-step inspection process to ensure that the fitted sheets are inspected at every production step to meet extremely high quality standards. The product has also passed OEKO TEX and BCI certification.

● Easy to clean: machine wash separately in cold water. Use non-chlorine detergents. Low temperature tumble drying, quick removal to avoid wrinkles.

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