Donut Yoga Ball

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asked Apr 10, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_57G66llL (420 points)
This doughnut ball was made of eco-friendly, free of BPA & heavy metals, and non-latex PVC. The PVC is durable and anti-burst design, very safety and no harmful substances, can be capacity up to 300 LBS.

The donut exercise ball with anti-slip grip lines makes seating or exercise much more safer. It's lightweight, easy to portable to anywhere you wanna by deflating and inflating with the foot pump.

The inflatable donut ball can improve core strength, balance, coordination and flexibility. It adds instability during exercise to engage stabilizing muscles to increase fitness effectiveness.

This donut fitness ball chair was created by leading health and fitness experts to improve overall well being and provide an active outlet for having to sit for long periods of time. Great for children, student or adult seating. It can helps to boost energy levels, increase productivity with an active body, and a focused and engaged mind.

It can be used as not only exercise ball but also ball chair in gym, office, home, kindergarten and classroom. Such as pilates, yoga, abs and back training, gymnastics, body building exercise, core training, balance training, physical therapy.

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