Release Agent Tank

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asked Apr 2, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_RTM0FG2O (340 points)
Function characteristic: Because the product has the high cementation performance, to prevent the product particles cementing the steel belt, so smudge the release agent on the steel belt surface, this kind of release agent is the silicone oil emulsion, is the emulsification with the water and the silicone oil molecular, smudges it on the steel belt, the main purpose is to solidify the product particles not to stick the steel belt. ?Working principle: This part located at the rotor drum system's underneath, composed of the release agent tank, the release agent roll, the stretching device and the control section. The lower part of the roll touch the liquid release agent, upside through the stretching device closely contact with the steel belt surface and make the reverse synchronized movement as the steel belt to make liquid release agent on steel belt surface, the blades can make the release agent smudge on the steel belt surface evener and cannot smudge excessively, so the products are quite dry. ?

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