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asked Apr 2, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_RTM0FG2O (340 points)
REBO Granulator Agent (RB-4)The RB-4 Agent is a kind of emulsion containing surfactant, the product can effectively prevent the adhesion of sulfur and belt surface in the sulfur production process, prevent the wear of equipment scraper, reduce the material moisture, reduce the wear of the belt to prolong the service life of equipment. RB-4 agent has no adverse effect on sulfur quality, environment and human body.Physical and chemical indexItemQualityIndexExperimental MethodDensity (20℃)g/cm30.975-0.999GB/T1884PH6.0-8.0GB9742-88Kinematic Viscosity, 20℃mm2/S<8.08.0<GB/T265Solid volume>29%DryingAppearanceMilk-whiteBy eyeWhen using this product, should first fully shake the product, fully mixed with the ratio of 1:20-30 with water before use.When the environment temperature is higher than 30℃, should increase the ?proportion of the agent, when the temperature is lower, should pay attention to protection against freezing, not with other substances mixed. The warranty period is 6 months, three months to use best. Sink should be all cleaned when sulfur residue accumulation in it.?Product packaging, transport, storage* The agent should be stored in clean, sealed plastic barrel or drum.* The agent should be stored and transported as non-toxic and non dangerous goods.* The agent should be stored in ventilated and dry place, storage temperature is -5℃-40℃.

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