Silicone Defoamer for Pulp

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Product Introduction

Application Industry: Pulp Washing Black Liquid, Electroplate Liquid Cleaning,

Alkali Cleaning Industries

Product Name: Antifoam RK-10S

RK-10S is an emulsion polyether modified organic antifoam produced for paper pulp production to prevent the foam issue in the production process. Compared to traditional defoamer, it has distinguished performances of strong alkali, temperature, shear resistance. Good stability in the pulping black liquid system, no gel formation. Good foam control performance can be achieved by very low dosage. It addition, it reduces air intake and foam formation to increase water discharge of the pulp pad. Widely used in paper pulp production to prevent the foam issue in the production process. It can be also used in electroplate liquid cleaning, alkali cleaning industries, etc.

Product property

Resist to strong alkali, temperature, shear

Great continuously defoaming ability at low dosage.

Long-lasting antifoaming performance

Chemical inertness, non-toxic and no damage

Main physical and chemical properties




Milky-white liquid



Solid content


pH value


Key Applications

Pulp washing black liquid

Electroplate liquid cleaning

Alkali cleaning industries

Waste water treatment

Knowledge shared

Many tree species have been used or are being studied to manufacture chemical mechanical pulp, but each paper species has different requirements for pulp performance.

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