Fatty Alcohol Defoamer for Papermaking

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Product Introduction

Application Industry: High Temperature Papermaking, Papermaking of High Speed Paper Machine

Product Name: Antifoam—RK-F0090

RK-F0090 is a non-silicone defoamer prepared from high-grade fatty alcohols as the main active substance through a special emulsification process, which are mainly used in eliminating and control foam in the paper machine system. No negative impact on the papermaking process.

Product characteristic

Low viscosity, good dispersion in water

Good degassing and antifoaming performance Good stability

Used in all kinds of paper, widely commonality Excellent performance in 45-60℃

Technical index




Milky white liquid



Viscosity (25°C)




Method of using

Generally, the addition amount of 100 ~ 1000ppm can effectively control the foam in the production process. According to different production processes, the optimal addition amount should be determined after passing the field test.

It can be used directly in the production process or after dilution. It is recommended to use a metering pump to continuously add.


High temperature papermaking process

Papermaking of high speed paper machine http://www.rickmanchemical.com

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