Silicone Defoamer for Textile Dyeing

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Product Introduction

Application Industry: Pesticide Industrial, Mid - high Temperature PrintingDdyeing of Textile

Product Name: Antifoam RK-82S

RK-82S is an emulsion type polyether modified organic defoamer. Compared to traditional defoamer, it is stable under strong acid, high temperature, high shear system. It has good defoaming & antifoaming performance, and safe to use. RK-682 is suitable used in the pesticide industry, textile printing&dyeing production processes, especially in high temperature overflow dyeing processes. It can also be used in other typical high temperature, high shear, extreme pH environments.

Product Property

High temperature&shear resistance

Strong acid resistance

Instance defoaming, long-lasting antifoaming performance

Safe to use

Main Physical and Chemical Properties




Milky-white liquid



Solid content


pH value


Key Applications

High temperature overflow dyeing process

Textile dyeing&printing

Other high temperate and high shear environment

Pesticide industrial

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