ESD Bakelite Sheets

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Description: Bakelite Bakelite is an early?plastic material & thermosetting?phenol formaldehyde resin, formed from a?condensation reaction?of phenol?with?form aldehyde. Bakelite sheet is a hard dense material made by applying heat and pressure to layers of paper or glass cloth impregnated with phenolic resin, Bakelite phenolic sheet is produced in dozens of commercial grades and with various additives to meet diverse mechanical, electrical and thermal requirements, there are Don't anti-static and Anti-static (ESD) of the Bakelite sheets, please kindly pay attention to this when you order.?Product FeaturesName: Bakelite sheets / ESD Bakelite sheetsPlace of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Material: phenolic resin Standard Thickness: 6mm-12mm Standard sheet Size: 1040 *2080mm Standard Color: ?Orange & BlackAvailable Service: Cutting into special size Certificate: CE, ROHS, SGSApplication: Chemical machine parts, general machine parts and gear, and generators, Pads, base, baffle etc .. Generator, transformer, fixtures, inverter, motor and electric insulation component.Technical DataPROPERTIESTest MethodUnitValueI.Physical PropertiesDensityISO 1183g/cm31.45Water absorption 24hrsISO 62%< 0.3II.Thermal PropertiesHeat deflection temperature - HDT/AISO 75AoC110Min. service temperature?oC-40Max. service temperature?oC100Thermal conductivity at 23 oCDIN 11359W/(K*m)0.31Coefficient of linear thermal expansionISO 1135910-4*K-11.2Flammability Rating(6mm thickness)UL 94-HBIII.Mechanical Properties at 23oCTensile strength at yieldISO 527-2MPa63Tensile strength at breakISO 527-2Mpa-Elongation at breakISO 527-2%31Modulus of elasticity after tensile testISO 527-2MPa2,700Modulus of elasticity after flexural testISO 178MPa-Hardness - Shore DDIN 53505?83Charpy impact strengthISO 179kJ/m2N. B.Friction coefficientDIN 53375?0.35IV.Electrical Properties at 23oCDielectric constant at 1 MHzIEC 60250106Hz3.8Dielectric loss factor at 1 MHzIEC 60250106Hz0.005Volume resistivelyIEC 60093Ohm (Ω) * cm>1013Surface resistivelyIEC 60093Ohm (Ω)>1013Dielectric strengthIEC 60243-1kV/mm40NOTE: 1 g/cm3 = 1,000 kg/m3, 1 Mpa = 1 N/mm2, 1kV/mm = 1 MV/mRemarkTerms & Condition Minimum order Quantity ?: kilo gram Lead-time :Payment terms :1.Other?sizes,?colors?can?be?customized or cut for clients?ApplicationChemical machine parts , general machine parts and gear ,and generators, Pads, base, baffle etc.. Generator ,transformer, fixture, inverter, motor and electric insulation component.BearingsPOM bearings own excellent stability and good wear resistance in various kinds of moist environments.GearsPOM has high stiffness and rigidity, good self-lubricating properties. So it has taken the place of metal gears in many applications. (Prior materials: Bronze, Stainless Steel)RollersGuide rollers machined from POM rod operate smoothly and reliably in lift gate systems used to load cargo onto truck beds. (Prior materials: Cast Iron, Cast Aluminium)Structural KeelsWith excellent fatigue and impact resistance, POM is a suitable material of continuously loaded structural keel for prosthetic device. (Prior materials: Nylon, PU)Slide BlocksLow coefficient friction, wear resistant, self-lubricating, no need for lubricating oil.Cutting Services The standard sheet size is 1040x2080mm, sheets can be cut into the smaller size in our workshop before delivery and it's free of charge, It will easy for the shipment and save process before use. Just let us know the size what you want when you place order!?Free sample We provide sample (size 160x160 mm) for test or checking the quality … samples are free of charge , but should be send by customer's courier account and freight collect .?

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