20khz 1000W Rotary Ultrasonic Driller Machine For Holes Drilling Of Thick Composite Material

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20khz 1000W Rotary Ultrasonic Driller Machine for Holes Drilling of Thick Composite Material            

  Ultrasonic milling is a kind of new method of process technology, is the ultrasonic vibration by adding high frequency micro-amplitude in general milling process, to change the machinable property of material. Ultrasonic milling device is constituted by generator, oscillator and horn.

   Ultrasonic oscillator is the energy-gathered part to change and amplify the electric energy output by generator to mechanical energy, then pass to work piece. Ultrasonic oscillator can be designed as the structure which can clamp a certain range on the basis of requirement of practical application occasion.

 Ultrasonic Drilling Machine 20Khz 1000W

Model    YPX11B-MB    YPX12B-MB
Power    1000W
Frequency    20Khz
Amplitude adjust    20-100%
Switch     handle or foot switch
Working time control    24 hours

1. Various kinds of materials especially fragile rigid material.

2. Processing plane, groove, all kinds of form surface (such as spline, gear and thread) and special surface of mould.

3. Application area: machining industry, machine tool equipment manufacturing.

4. Application occasion: manufacturing enterprise, universities and colleges, scientific research institution, mechanical equipment transformation industry.

Work environment:

The environment: use it indoor;

Moisture: ≤85%RH;

Peripheral environment temperature: 0 ℃ - 40℃

The generator size: 450mm×300mm×135mm;

The space for use: the distance of the other objects to the power case should not be less than 150mm; to the heat dissipation port should not be less than 200mm. http://www.fycgsonic.com/ultrasonic-sonochemistry-machine/ultrasonic-molten-metal-treatment-system/20khz-1000w-rotary-ultrasonic-driller-machine.html

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