Titanium Spring

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asked Mar 18, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_5tD9irdq (280 points)
MATERIALSTitanium Alloy?SPRING RATES200-650lbs/inch?,Low weight,long lifetime?STROKE2"-3.5"?MOQ5 pcsCOLORAnodized Colored?SPECIFICATIONS TABLEExcellent Features1.?Low density,High specific strength,excellent corrosion resistance,Rustless.2. Better Anti-fatigue performance, Good heat treatment performance,Lower Elastic modulus.3. Higher strength-to-weight ratic,Higher Elastic Limit,Higher Fatigue limit,Higher impact toughness and??Higher resonant frequency.4. Also about the raw material,we can use special technology to control them making sure they have the fittest mechanical features for titanium springs.After special control,the springs will have much longer life time and never get shrinked after used.Mechanical Property of Titanium Grade 5Tensile strength895 ~965Yield strength825~875Elongation15Reduction of area47Density4.42g/cm3Because of these excellent features of titanium,the titanium springs can be made less coils,lower weight,Smaller Volume than the steel springs.Though Ti 15333,Ti 38644 and Timetal LCB will be much better than Grade 5 titanium,but because of their higher price,they are not very popular.Because of the Price Quality of Grade 5,It is very popular for titanium springs.?EST?supply a broad range of titanium bicycle parts(bike frame,handlebar, clamp, stems, seat posts, fork, spacer, etc.),We also provides OEM manufacturing for clients who require exclusive service.?For more products information, please?don’t hesitate contact us with?sales@bjdsti.com?directly. http://www.tirods.com/titanium-bicycle-parts/titanium-spring.html

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