Buy Cheap and High Quality Cartridge Heaters From Jaye

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asked Mar 17, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_5u3440ow (300 points)
The Cartridge heaters made by Jaye are made of crimped-on or swaged-in lead construction that consists in a high-grade nickel chromium resistance wire wound around a high-quality MgO core to ensure the high quality and long service life time. Jaye custom cartridge heaters are designed to minimize your equipment or appliance down time and maintenance cost

How to order Cartridge Heater made by Jaye:

1-  Nominal Diameter - see specifications for assistance

2- Overall Sheath Length - measured in inches or millimeters from end to end of heater sheath

3- Lead Length - specify in inches or millimeters

4- Termination Type - see terminations types option above.

5- Voltage - specify

6- Wattage - specify

7- Other Custom Specifications

8- Quantity  

Jaye industry makes the high and durable custom cartridge heaters for our customers from all overall the world, if your application need any cartridge heaters, please just feel free to contact us, if would be great helpful if you have designed drawing or detail specifications, if not, you can also let us know your general required specifications and requirements, our engineering team are also always be here to support you. We have plenty experience and are very professional to provide the most suitable cartridge heaters to you equipment and heating device.

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