factory price biomass Pellet Line

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asked Mar 14, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_jOAd8xGL (500 points)
Biomass pellet line have huge demand all over the world, because biomass fuel pellets is a kind of clean new energy, a lot country government encourage burn pellets instead of coal. So in the area where have a lot wood and biomass material, invest a industrial biomass pellet line will bring you big profit.
The 4-5t/h biomass pellet line is very good choice for industrial purpose, it can handle raw material like: wood logs, wood timber, tree branches, EFB, coconut shell, wasted wood, wood residures from furniture factory, straw, rice husk, agricultural waste, peanut sheel and any kind of biomass material. http://www.fandapelletmill.com/biofuel-pellet-line/4-5t-h-biomass-pellet-line.html

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