Creative Beach Ball Sets Beach Game Wooden Rackets

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Product Description
Product Name:Creative Beach Ball Sets Beach Game Wooden

Printing ways:Silk screen printing/Heat transfer Printing/Sticker

1. This set includes 2 Beach Ball Rackets and 1 small ball.

2.The paddles are made of wood.

3.The beach ball racket set is great for indoor or outdoor fun.

4.This item is great for children 6+ years or younger.

5.Challenge your children's imaginations and keep them active with Toys for fun.

Our Advantages
1) Years of production experience

2) Have product export license

3)OEM and ODM

4) Various Colors

5)Fast Delivery

Q:What's the price of your prduct?

A:Please contact us for latest price, we will offer most competitive price if you kindly let us know more details.


Q:Can you provide free sample?

A:Yes,we would like to offer free sample, but freight collect.

Q:What's the shipping cost?

A:It depends on cargo weight, please inform us quantity you need,we will caculate for you.

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