Self-propelled Modular Trailer

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asked Mar 12, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_SqxSABSu (300 points)
Product descriptionSelf-propelled modular trailer using narrow-body module modular design, single module width 2430mm; uniaxial load up to 45 tons, especially for concentrated segment; combination with each module can be achieved up to 1000 axle line module with soft and hard coupling, the maximum load of up to nearly 30,000 tons; with straight, horoscopes, oblique lines, the center rotation, rampant, the former swung, swung, and other post-shift mode, cycling and steering and the same pattern; the product is "national 863 Program "key support for the project, project No. 2009AA044101.Self-propelled modular trailer is now producing with PPU power pack unit, 4 axle line module, and the 6 axle line module, customers can freely spliced into different combination module as needed.Production manufacture, use line with national standards, norms, with high rigidity, high shock resistance, high precision; thermal stability; electronic control system with shockproof, anti-magnetic, waterproof, high temperature performance, reliable the completion of ship construction and other construction in the hull section or other heavy goods movement transportation. Simple operation, easy maintenance, attractive appearance. Security guards complete and reliable, perfect automatic protection and alarm functions.FeaturesMaximum tractive force for optimumperformance on gradients– Tractive force 160 kN per axle line?Technical features– Twin tires 215/75 R 17.5– Axle load 45 t at 1 km/hProduct numberPPU?L(mm)×W(mm)H(mm)4200X2430X1100PPU?Lift angle(°)11PPU?Dead weight?(kg)7500Engine?DEUTZEngine typeTCD2015Engine Power (kW/ rpm)330KW/2100r/minEngine fuel consumption(l/h)40Engine noise(db)85Emissions standardsEuro IIIFuel tank(l)400Hydraulic oil tank(l)800Drive system maximum working pressure(bar)350Steering?system maximum working pressure(bar)300Electrical System(V)24Product application?Self-propelled modular trailer is mainly used for shipbuilding, petroleum, chemical, steel and other construction and engineering equipment produced species large or heavy goods transport. Modules can be based on different vehicle's actual condition, select a different combination of modules into a variety of forms to meet the needs of a variety of working conditions. Into the lower bracket module can load, where it will raise the load with top jacking system and transported to any given load down, this process does not require any crane or other lifting equipment. Module driving, lifting, turning to control and drive in the form of a " Mechanical -Hydraulic - Electrical" one. The module is equipped with a remote control and a wireless remote control, its forward or backward with the same efficiency. Two or more PPU can realize stitching, complete control by a person to complete the different transport tasks.

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