Hygetropin 13mm Hgh Flip Off Lid

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asked Mar 12, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WAimb5Cw (960 points)
Product name

Hygetropin 13mm hgh flip off lid

Mould number





Brown and blue


Plastic and aluminum


Custom logo embossed or debossed

Use for

Medical packaging

1. The aluminum-plastic cover has a beautiful appearance, reliable quality, and favorable price, which can provide solid protection for your products during the surface treatment process.

2. Great elasticity and strong flexibility, its performance is comparable to rubber cover.

3. Aluminum-plastic cover can be customized according to different requirements of customers on the length, thickness, hardness and color of the product without incurring additional mold costs. https://www.vial-box.com/flip-off-cap/hygetropin-13mm-hgh-flip-off-lid.html

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