IPS Android 5.1 10.1" 800*1280 LCD Digital Photo Frame

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asked Mar 12, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_W4Y52O7p (420 points)
Our products have been widely used in home, office to show wedding photos, family photos, baby photos, travel photos. It can be as a gift for girlfriend, parents, friends, colleague, client. If you give device to your family, after binding the digital photo frame, you can display your phone photos on the device to show your relatives the status of your life.
Wifi Digital Photo Frame Features:

1. It shows great display, can display pictures, photos and video.
2. It can be controlled by mobile App(android phone and apple phone both are available), you can remote control it at anywhere & anytime.
3. It can be used as calendar, clock, weather station, photo album and other functions https://www.szrcloud.com/touch-screen-monitor/wifi-digital-photo-frame/high-resolution-10-1-inch-wooden-wifi-photo.html

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