18mm Red Film Faced Plywood With Logo

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asked Mar 12, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_W4GGBsSH (880 points)
Product Application

The building formwork is a temporary supporting structure. It is produced according to design requirements, so that the concrete structure and components are shaped according to the specified position and geometric size, maintain its correct position, and bear the self-weight of the building formwork and external loads acting on it. The purpose of the formwork project is to ensure the quality and safety of the concrete project, speed up the construction progress and reduce the cost of the project.

Once Hot Press Red Film Faced Plywood with Logo mostly can be used in construction. It is cheaper than Two hot press film faced plywood. But it is strong enough for construction.

Our shuttering plywood can be customized according to customer needs,like logo customized, with good quality and excellent price.

It can be reused around 6 times. https://www.fiberboardchina.com/film-faced-plywood/red-film-faced-plywood/18mm-red-film-faced-plywood-with-logo.html

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