Chocolate Bamboo Plywood

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asked Mar 8, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_5Y7SoIIh (220 points)
Chocolate Bamboo Plywood is dark color. It is very alike by contractors
or builders for the dark color and fantastic for bamboo cutting boards, bamboo floorings etc.We have the Chocolate Bamboo Plywood in different structures like horizontal, vertical,crisscross ones for different usage.Vertical bamboo is side pressed. Bamboo strips are oriented on edge, reducing
the visibility of "knuckles", and providing a cleaner, flowing appearance.Carbonized color bamboo has a darker color tone, steamed in the pot for 15 minutes to change from natural to carbonized, it is also called caramel color.Bamboo plywood have been used in Europe for decades as a finishing materials for high end, eco-conscious homes in cabinetry, furniture and millwork. The tight, linear
grain of bamboo panels make for a very sleek and contemporary finishing material and the edge grain of multi layers bamboo panels gives a unique look that cannot be achieved with regular wood veneered products. Locating in the bamboo hometown ensure us to offer customers high quality bamboo plywood (bamboo panels) at very competitive cost.For Bamboo Plywood, Please find our standard sizes. Besides these sizes, we can cut products upon customers’ request for different projects.Length1000mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2500mm, 3000mmWidth5mm-1250mmThickness1-100mmChina BAMBOO FACTORY?We list some good bamboo plywood sizes for buildings, different furniture, countertops, kitchen top, stair, tread, interior decoration and bamboo art products
etc.10mm thickness bamboo plywood are good for cutting board or
other home goods15mm and 20mm ones are good for bamboo cabinets20mm and 30mm are good enough for bamboo stairs, stairs etc40mm is fantastic for bamboo doors??

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