Expansion Strips

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asked Mar 3, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_5Px8g1zb (240 points)
                    ?Place of Origin
                Expansion strips


    Expansion strips is a synthetic rubber adhesive tape made of the latest closed-cell foam technology.Excellent performance on elasticity, damping and shock absorption.Anti-aging and protect the application area against corrosion. Non-pollution on phosphide and electrophoresis before curing.

    2、Application Area:

    Low-intensity shock of the car, as the expansion sealant to fill the gap between the sheet metal parts, to prevent misalignment between the body sheet metal and reduce vehicle shell tremor and noise. Meanwhile,it can be waterproof as a spot welding expansion sealant.Remove the release paper,stick to the application area and compact it.Cured under 160 ℃ -210 ℃ ,30-60min.










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