How to Clean Outdoor Furniture: Easy Cleaning Tips

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It is that time of year again that you need to start storing away all your outdoor items. Many questions start running through your head: How do I clean those outdoor furniture cushions? How can I fix the rust on my metal outdoor table? Which of my outdoor furniture can stay outside for winter? This complete guide will answer all of your questions related to cleaning and storing your Garden Lounge Set for the winter season.


Plastic outdoor furniture is affordable, easy to clean, rust-proof, and often stackable. Plastic Inshare furniture can be damaged by UV rays, so should be stored in the shade.

this is perhaps the easiest furniture material to clean! Simply hose down plastic furniture, and use a soft bristle brush with mild soapy water for the more stubborn dirt and grime stains. Rinse the furniture with fresh water, and allow to dry outside.

How to Clean Aluminum Furniture

To remove dirt and large debris from aluminum furniture, remove cushions and use a garden hose to spray the metal.

Do NOT use a pressure washer on aluminum furniture as it could damage the powder-coating or the integrity of the metal.

After you have removed all large debris, fill a bucket with mild detergent and water. Using a soft cloth or brush, go over each piece of furniture to remove any remaining sediment.

Pay special attention to the underside of the furniture and joints.

Wooden or Wicker Furniture

Wooden furniture is a beautiful addition to your garden, but it may need a little more work than your average plastic deck chair. Yearly treatment with stains may be necessary to maintain the beautiful appearance of the furniture. This regular treatment should mean that your wooden furniture is safe to keep outside all year round. However, it’s still best to keep it indoors or in a shed during the wetter and colder months.

Softwood furniture – such as pine, which is a typical garden furniture material – especially needs treatment to protect it from the elements. Typically, your furniture will have been treated prior to you taking it home from the store, but a wood preserver as an added coat is excellent to maintain the furniture. One can of this will last you a few years, so keep it in your shed for later.

When applying any wood treatment, make sure everything is clean, dry and free of debris. There’s nothing harder than trying to remove dirt that you have accidentally painted onto the surface of your furniture. This is especially true in the nooks and crannies of wicker furniture, so beware!

Fabrics & Cushions

Our outdoor cushions are all mildew resistant but they do require simple care to keep them looking and feeling great. For most stains simply clean the area with mild soap and cool water and allow cushion to dry. All cushions should be stored when not in use, preferably in a place that will stay cool and dry. Be sure that cushions are completely dry before stowing them away for the winter to avoid any build-up of mold.

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