Mono amino deoxy beta cyclodextrin

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Name :Mono-(6-Amino-6-Deoxy)-Beta-Cyclodextrin
Other name : Mono-(6-Amino-6-Deoxy)-β-Cyclodextrin
             Mono amino beta cyclodextrin
             Mono amino deoxy beta cyclodextrin
             Mono-(6-Amino-6-Deoxy) beta cyclodextrin
CAS No:29390-67-8
Chemical Formula :C42H71NO34
Molecular weight: 1134
Solubility : soluble in water
Package: 2g/bag, 3g/bag ,5g/bag ,10g/bag
Storage: at room temperature, in tightly closed container. Avoid light .
Use:  reagent
Amino-beta-cyclodextrin in neutral or acidic pH conditions can be protonated, the guest molecule with the negatively charged compound has a good capacity.
Amino is a good key chain group, can be carboxylic acids, esters, anhydrides, aldehydes, ketones, alkyl halides under mild conditions such as key-chain, amino-beta-cyclodextrin is a good supramolecular structures of intermediates.
Amino-beta-cyclodextrin to a specific catalytic reaction with good result.

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