Vibrating Finishing Machine

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asked Feb 6, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_gyBe6nKr (180 points)
vibrating finishing machine1. Structure: vibrating finishing machine is composed of inertial vibrator, vessel, electrical cabinet and basement. Inertial vibrator: This is the vibrating source of the machine, it is composed Of vibratory motor, springs and eccentric blocks. Vessel: The vessel is welded of annular steel plate. It is lined with high quality wearable Polyurethane, to weaken the noise and the bump of work pieces on vessel. Electrical cabinet: Operate the machine by buttons on the control panel. Basement: It is weld of steel. 2. Function:vibrating finishing machines are suitable for deburring, descaling, edge radiusing, polishing, surface improvement, pre plating finishing all types of components including fully machined parts in metals & plastics. 3. Working Principle vibrating finishing machine for Metal Working has a ring chamber to hold abrasives and work pieces. When the machine is working, it makes three-D high frequency vibration. The grinding stones and the work pieces are rolling spirally forward and they are grinding each other during the rolling. This makes the work pieces de-burred, chamfered, polished and clean. To replace the traditional cloth-wheel polishing, the Vibratory Finishing Machine for Metal Working can save a lot of spending on manpower, and lower the cost of production. It can also be matched up with mass production, improve and stabilize the quality of the products.? ?ModelGSJ120GSJ200GSJ300GSJ450GSJ600GSJ900GSJ1200Capacity (L)1202003004506009001200Size (mm)A9208609401180126013001500B980113012801440159019501980C350560480560580930950D290270370420480480480Motor Power (kw)1.5 / / 5'03.7 /5.05.5 /7.57.5 / 1111/15Weight (kg)300400600700120015002000

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