Ethyl P-toluenesulfonate

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asked Feb 2, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_kunkJCsz (180 points)
Product name:Ethyl p-toluenesulfonateCAS 80-40-0Molecular formula: C9H12O3SPurity:98% minAppearance: white crystalline, when heated, it appears colorless to light yellow liquidPackaging: 200kg/ plastic drum?Lead time: 25-30 daysUses:?1, Used in organic synthesis as ethylation agent, used in pharmaceutical industry to produce pbbrmonium bromide, and also used as intermediate of photosensitive material. This product is a toughening agent for acetate fiber.2, Used for organic synthesis, ethylation reagent and intermediate of photosensitive materials, and toughening agent of cellulose acetate3, Ethylated reagent, acetate fiber toughening agent.In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to produce benzyl bromide. this product is a toughening agent for acetate fiber.Our advantages:1, Produced strictly according to pharmacopeia1, guarantee the same quality between the batches2, Quick response on the customer request, and professional R&D department, and provide customer technical support and new product development.StructureFAQ:1, what is your factory located? Any EHS issue ?Our factory located in Anhui province, on the chemical industrial park, and government encourage the economy, with the lower land cost and worker cost, also with the less EHS issue too.2, Can you ensure quality consistency?Yes. We have well trained and experienced QC and QA team to double check the quality, packaging before the shipment to ensure the consistency.?3, Can you provide MSDS, TDS or specification?Yes. Any documents required, please contact our sales person.4, Which port available for your shipment?If ship by sea, then the shanghai port is the best choice for us, other port is also work, but the delivery cost higher.If ship by air, then Hangzhou , shanghai, Beijing , Qingdao both ok.

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