Trimethyl Orthoformate

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asked Feb 2, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_kunkJCsz (180 points)
Product name:Trimethyl OrthoformateCAS 149-73-5Molecular formula: C4H10O3Purity:99.0% minAppearance: colorless transparent liquidPackaging: 200 kg/ plastic drum, or as customer requirmentLead time: 15-20 daysUses:?1. As the intermediates of organic synthesis2. used in the synthesis of vitamin B1, sulfonylamine, antibiotics in the pharmaceutical industry3. used as dewatering agents to prevent polyurethane or epoxy coatings from hardening due to hydration in coatingsOur advantages:1, Top 3 in this product in China2, competitive price from the domestic market and international filed3, Experienced loading worker, advanced equipment for production4, Professional sales person and will control well all stages, sending production pictures, documents, samples, ectStructureFAQ:1, when do you produce this product?We produce this product since 2004 years.2, you generally export or sell in domestic market?70% used for the export and balance for the domestic market.3, do you have stock available?Yes, we generally will store almost 4-5 tons, but our this product won’t be stop production in each day, as this item is our mainly product, even the maintenance won’t effect production.4, how other customer to think about your company?All of our customers take Junwee as the most reliable supplier, and considerable, high efficiency, and they willing to work with us for long term.?

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