How to verify profiles set for your foscam cameras?

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asked Jan 29 in H&E by nancypstewartn (440 points)

When you operate with security cameras, there are specific changes in the settings that you need to do as per your preferences. Foscam cameras also allow you to customise the setting and such customisation of profile setting is known as the verify foscam profile settings.


Once you find the profile setting options in your security system, you will be able to perform any precise setting like black and white, colour settings, night mode, etc. on your own!!


Steps to Verify Profile Setting:


  • Start by opening the web UI of your foscam camera on this system.
  • Once you login to it you will open ‘setup’ after that click on ‘camera’ followed by ‘configuration’ and then click on ‘day and night’ menu.
  • After completing the above chronology, you will have to make the required adjustments in the menu.
  • Next, select the profile you need to verify from the profile menu and then click the ‘save’ button to apply all the above changes.


So these are the steps of making sensitive changes in your foscam cameras. For more such information or foscam support, you can contact us or visit the live chat section in foscam to register the trouble.

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