would a career in data science involve a lot of coding?

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asked Jan 29, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by kiransam (160 points)

In this website on Data Science Course they are tell that Data Science requires skills in a lot of areas and coding is one. Among all the programming languages, Python is the most widely used and it is a very easy language to pick up.

Could someone tell me that coding part is required are not!!!!

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answered Jun 1, 2022 by darshbhatt (600 points)

data science is a critical component of many industries, and it is one of the most contentious topics in IT circles. Its popularity has grown over time, and organisations have started to use data science tactics to expand their operations and boost customer satisfaction. In this article, we'll learn what data science is and how to become a data scientist.

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answered Jul 28, 2023 by iteducationcenter (220 points)

Yes, a career in data science would involve a lot of coding. Data scientists must use coding languages such as Python, Java, R, and SQL to analyze and visualize data. They also have to use coding languages to build machine-learning models and predictive algorithms.

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answered Aug 10, 2023 by shivam12 (140 points)

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What Are the Career After Data Science Course

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