ZHV two stage vacuum pump

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asked Jan 27, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_kBsoCR30 (460 points)
ZHV series two stage vacuum pump is new developed type based on original Speck pump VH two stage vacuum pump. It is two stages liquid ring vacuum pump, the motor is connected to the pump shaft by coupling. Two mechanical seals in the shaft sealing are used to seal the pump shaft. It has approved robust construction. It has perfect performance in high vacuum. ZHV series two stage vacuum pump required smaller flow rate of working liquid. The discharged operating liquid can be reused when using a separator.

Based on original Speck VH design, we upgrade mechanical seal, bearing, impeller, shaft and most internal parts to get more reliable performance and operation. To make sure no adjustment for existed onsite facility, we offer same outline dimensions for bolt-on replacement original Speck VH two stage vacuum pump https://www.zhaohanvacuum.com/liquid-ring-vacuum-pump/two-stage-vacuum-pump/speck-two-stage-vacuum-pump.html

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